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Woman Hiking with Dog with Oslonature
Woman Doing Yoga with Oslonature
Woman Smiling

Ingunn has a passion for travel and outdoor activities. When she isn't hiking in the woods, she works as a nurse. Her love for travel inspired her to reach out to other travelers and share her experiences. When she travels, she often books experiences through small and local businesses. It was a remarkable woman in Japan who inspired her to start offering guided nature experiences. During that trip, she fell in love with the authentic and intimate way of exploring, as well as supporting a small business. Outdoor life has always been a significant part of Ingunn`s life, since her parents often took her on trips in her childhood, and she is eager to share her passion.

Meet Nero, the flat coated retriever puppy. His favorite activities are hiking, playing and cuddling, and of course meeting new people. If you're ever feeling down, just spend a few minutes with Nero. His contagious enthusiasm and never-ending desire to play will have you forgetting your troubles in no time

Dog Enjoying Hiking with Oslonature
Woman and Dog Enjoying Hiking with Oslonature
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