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Oslonature is a local travel company based in Oslo.

We offer guided hikes, hidden gems city walks, campervan rental and yoga. Choose between group tours and private tours. We have a strong focus on sustainability, Norwegian traditions, and local food.

Our passion is to provide travellers with unique and authentic experiences.

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs

What are guests saying about Oslonature?

I had the opportunity to join Ingunn for a hike in Oslo's beautiful outdoors. The location was easily accessible, and it was truly refreshing to be surrounded by nature just minutes away from the city center. Ingunn herself was a lovely and kind-hearted host, sharing a bit of her personal life and journey with me. Her dedication in her career speaks volumes about her character, and it's evident that this hike is her own way of connecting with nature and sharing it with others. The traditional Norwegian snacks were a pleasant addition to the experience. Overall, for those looking for a casual and easy hike near Oslo, this could be an option. It's a chance to support a genuinely kind-hearted individual in her journey, while also taking in some of Norway's natural beauty.

- John, NYC

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