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Oslonature Guide Book

Oslo: Guide Book

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The "Lysløypa" is an annual dining, cultural, and experience guide to Oslo. Your companion through the city, packed with fantastic places and great discounts! With Lysløypa, you'll discover unique spots in Oslo you might not have known about, and get great deals at each location with a total value of around 7000 NOK. 3-course meal at Kikutstua? Overnight stay in a glass igloo in the forest? 1-hour facial massage? The city's best coffee? A movie at Vega cinema? Lunch at Håndbakt? Dinner at Hitchiker? Lysløypa highlights places we believe contribute to creating a warm and vibrant city. 40 selected venues are featured in Lysløypa Oslo 2024. Enjoy the city. Support the places. Think globally. Shop locally. Lysløypa discounts are valid from December 1, 2023, until December 31, 2024 - for 13 months.

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